Manage Guests in VCenter

default VM search is by dns (--by dns). If the VM is not running use the uuid (--by uuid)


vcenter syntax:

gizmo vcenter [--name PROFILE] COMMAND [ARGS] [--by (dns|ip|uuid)] --guest GUEST COMMAND [ARGS]
gizmo vcenter [--server SERVER --username USER --password PASSWD] --guest GUEST COMMAND [ARGS]
Command Description
summary Display guest VM summary
power Manage power state of guest VM
snapshot Manage snapshots of guest VM

power command

power syntax:

gizmo vcenter --guest GUEST power (on|off|reset) [--yes] [--background]

power actions

Action Description
on Power on guest VM
off Power off guest VM
reset Reset power of guest VM

snapshot command

snapshot syntax:

gizmo vcenter --guest GUEST snapshot ACTION --name SNAPSHOT [--yes] [--background]

snapshot actions

Action Argument Description
list List current guest snapshots
create --name SNAPSHOT Create a guest snapshot
revert --name SNAPSHOT Revert a guest to snapshot
remove --name SNAPSHOT Remove a guest snapshot